Medical Malpractice

4446339_xlThe expertise offered by our Medical and Dental Malpractice Division is unrivaled. Our Legal Nurse Consultants apply their knowledge of medical, nursing, pharmacological and health related issues to make our clients’ job easier. We have the ability to identify potential deviations from the medical and nursing standards of care and conduct literature searches, which provide a foundation for case development. In all, you receive the most comprehensive investigative analysis available.

  •  Provide a clear chronological account of the case
  •  Identify missing or incomplete medical data and records
  •  Detect tampering
  •  Identify factors that caused or contributed to alleged injuries or damages
  •  Identify and review Hospital/Nursing Home Policy and Procedures
  •  Interview insureds, witnesses and experts
  •  Identify the types of expert testimony needed for the case
  •  Serve as liaison between attorney, insured, experts, etc
  •  Prepare demonstrative evidence
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